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Reversing Camera Kits

At AVS we specialize in the supply and installation of reverse camera systems for all makes and models of vehicles. We stock a wide range of kits from standard systems through to fully integrated kits. Please contact us for further information.

Vehicle Specific Camera

Vehicle specific cameras are now available for most vehicles and are used in a lot of our reverse camera installations. These cameras range from replacement number plate light panels to replacement handles and even brake light integration on some commercial vehicles.


Rear View Mirror With Built In Monitor

This is ideal for vehicles that don’t have a factory monitor or screen that isn’t compatible with a reverse camera kit. The rear view mirror is universal fit and can be used on almost any vehicle, this system fits over the original and is slimline unlike the older versions.


Fully Intergrated Reverse Camera Kit

We now have a full range of fully integrated reverse camera kits that work through the front screen when reverse is selected. This system is available for most modern vehicles.


Mercedes & BMW Reversing Camera Kit

( with movable grid lines as factory )
Recently BMW & Mercedes have introduced movable grid lines to there factory fitted reversing camera kits to assist parking . We now stock a range of kits with this feature for most of the BMW & Mercedes range .


Commercial Vehicle Camera Kits

At AVS we stock a wide range of reverse camera kits for all types of commercial vehicles. Everything from transit vans to buses & coaches. Please feel free to contact us with your vehicle details for prices.