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Digital TV Tuners

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At AV Solutions we specialise in the installation of aftermarket Digital TV Tuners to all makes of vehicles. We stock a wide range of systems from intergration with rear entertainment packages to fully intergrated kits that can be controlled from the factory navigation system.



Direct Factory Connection Digital TV Tuner

We now stock a wide range of DVB-T Tuner kits that can be controlled directly from the factory navigation system. The kits are equipped with vehicle specific harness that allow seamless installation which also allow trace free removal of components if the vehicle is sold.

Available for:



Upgrade your Analogue TV Tuner to Digital

Since the Digital TV switchover many cars equipped with analogue tv tuners have been left with no signal. At AV Solutions we are able to install a Digital TV Tuner through your existing screen . Prices start from £350 inc installation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : Does the TV Tuner re tune itself when i am travelling around the country ?
A : Yes , Our TV Tuners have intelligent automatic freq switch technology

Q : Will I be able to see the antenna’s
A : No , we use boosted antenna’s that can be hidden out of the way

Q : Can I record a tv program on your system ?
A : Yes we have a version that you can record TV & Radio via a USB

Q : How does the TV Tuner operate at speed ?
A : Our TV Tuners are vehicle specific and work well at speed

Q : On your direct factory connection kits can i use my i drive to operate ?
A : Yes, we use a vehicle specific adaptor that the tuner is operated using the
I-Drive system on BMW’S .

*Please contact us if you have any further questions or enquiries, we are more than happy to accommodate your TV tuner needs