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Radar Detectors


Radar Detectors

We stock a wide range of Radar Detectors include the latest self-updating kits with built in Sim Cards. All detectors are wired directly in the vehicle maintaining a neat installation with no cable draping over the dash.




Laser Diffusers

Laser detector jammers are fast overtaking radar detectors in a big way as the main method of defense against a speeding ticket. With the rise in popularity of laser speed measuring systems, radar detectors will soon become a costly ornament. Only a jamming detector will be able to give you enough time to react and slow down! With advances in speed detection there have also been advances in laser detectors. The Blinder laser detector jammers use powerful sensors that can detect the use of laser guns far off in the distance. Within a few milliseconds BLINDER can identify the incoming signal, the number pulses per second and identify through use of a lookup table the correct counter signal, sending back a mimicking laser signal designed to confuse and nullify any speed reading.


Vehicles below AVS have installed laser diffusers

Mercedes SLS AMG with Laser Diffusers
Mercedes SLS had front & rear laser diffusers . The picture shows how discreet the laser diffusers were installed .


Lamborghini LP670 with Laser Diffusers
Lamborghini LP670 with laser diffusers front & rear and also a Matt Black Vehicle Wrap.